Our lab at the Science of Aphasia conference in Geneva, September 11th-14th.

We are going to present four projects at this year's SoA conference at the Université de Genève on September 11th-14th. Last year we got to know the conference as a friendly forum for idea exchange, and one very supportive of doctoral students.

Alas, no beach right next to the venue as was the case last year in Lido de Venezia. Evenings at the lake will have to suffice.

Here our abstracts (follow links for full text):

Online sentence processing in adults and individuals with aphasia
Vanessa Meitanis, Jyrki Tuomainen, Rosemary Varley

“A great deal” versus “a fair deal”: Does collocation strength determine processing speed in aphasia?
Claudia Heilemann, Vitor Zimmerer, Rosemary Varley, & Suzanne Beeke.

Dealing with constraints: Analysis of a visual language devised by a man with fluent aphasia
Marina Franke, Andrew Nevins, Carolyn Bruce, Vitor C. Zimmerer

Reliance on common word combinations correlates with degree of syntactic impairment in aphasia
Vitor C. Zimmerer, Michael D. Coleman, Wolfram Hinzen, Rosemary A. Varley

- Vitor