Bridget Yu Yuen Ning is a student on the BSc Psychology & Language Sciences programme. She has been awarded an Alyheimer's Society Undergraduate Research Bursary to investigate early language change in people subsequently diagnosed with dementia.


Gwen Brekelmans is a PhD student in the Language & Cognition department at UCL, and is supervised by Dr Elizabeth Wonnacott and Dr Bronwen Evans. Her research focusses on how children learn new sounds of a second or foreign language, in particular the vowels. She tries to find out how differences in the training method affect their learning patterns, and how children and adults differ in their learning.


Anna Volkmer is a speech and language therapist and NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow in the Language & Cognition department at UCL. She is supervised by Dr Suzanne Beeke within the Language and Cognition department and Dr Aimee Spector, in the Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology. Anna's research is focused on refining and piloting a conversation training intervention for people with primary progressive aphasia and their conversation partners. The program is based on the Better Conversations for Aphasia (BCA) program developed for post stroke aphasia and is entitled Better Conversations with PPA (BCPPA). The BCPPA program is currently being piloted across a number of NHS sites.